Blood, Sweat & Innovation.

Oberhaus is a revolutionary audio system company –  using advanced German design to transform the way you experience sound.

Our manufacturing arm has been around since the 1950s. Over the last 65+ years, our team has combined world-class acoustic engineering with cutting-edge audio science to create powerful audio systems that are simple and elegant in design.

Oberhaus is the new face representing the 65+ year history of knowledge, expertise, and a hunger for innovation.

Our goal is to make the best sound in the world universal, to help people create unforgettable moments that last a lifetime.

Our signature speakers, the Oberhaus Oasis and Oberhaus Nomad, are just the beginning. We will forever push the limits of what’s possible.

Innovation is in our DNA.

Raising the bar for sound.

Sound plays a fundamental role in our daily lives. Aside from giving us joy daily through music and movies….it often forms the basis for some of our deepest, most meaningful memories.

It makes memories more vivid, more powerful – and it helps us connect to one another.

Since our founding, we have worked to make quality sound universal. We aim to build audio systems that help people create more powerful, lasting memories – and we pursue this ambition with exceptional industrial resources and talent.

Continuous creative destruction through material and technological innovation is not easy, but it’s the only way. Read more about some of the successes we’ve had in the technological realm.

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  1. The Bose speaker we had at home was getting old, battery was getting weak so we were looking to replace it. At first was thinking of getting Bose again, but thought to give this brand a try – and we’re blown away man. Bluetooth connectivity is fast and strong, speaker has some weight to it – feels high quality, battery life is amazing (better than Bose). But most important – the sound is AMAZING. Loud yet clear with superb bass that almost kinda reverberates the house a little if I turn up the volume. Awesome buy – highly recommend. Considering getting another to pair up for stereo

  2. Just what I needed for my salon. Had a few customers asking me where I got it from – everyone was surprised how loud and clear the sound was for its small size!

  3. This was a gift and I’m happy. Fast delivery, great packaging. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a housewarming gift!

  4. I got the Oberhaus Home Speaker a few months ago and have been a fan ever since. Decided to get Nomad too for using on travel, hikes, camping, etc Absolutely no regrets!! Awesome bass for a speaker so small. Sound is a teeny bit distorted at louder volumes but this is me being very picky here. Most other portables perform worst on this front. Overall, a solid 4.8/5. Can’t wait to see what the brand launches next

  5. Bass is freakin AMAZING